Chemi Suard"What a blessing this trip was for me! This was my first missions trip ever and, God willing, won't be my last. I sincerely struggled about even going because of fear. I trembled at the thought of walking up to someone 'cold turkey' and talking about the Lord, let alone giving them the plan of Salvation! But God is so-o good and so patient, and what He gently impressed in me was that He would speak through me and He would do the saving! My job was to prepare, know the steps of salvation, practice, pray and then go. When you step out in faith and act you position yourself to be blessed.He blessed in ways I hadn't anticipated. For one thing, the trip was a blast!! It was such fun getting to know those on the team. Laughter was a daily part of the venue. And then there just aren't words to describe God working in and through me! However, everytime I approached someone to share the gospel with them, my stomach did summersaults! There was just no getting around that! But that's how I knew it was God working and not me. Inspite of my trembling within, my stepping out in faith was always rewarded one way or another. The Lord increased my faith and trust in Him, and many times He opened the hearts and eyes of those I spoke to. What a treat and honor it was for me as He allowed me to lead some into His Marvelous Kingdom! Sometimes the Lord just had me there to encourage that person and sometimes I was just sowing little seeds. My Spanish got better everyday, but better still was the joy and love that filled me. My inner soul soared beyond what I could have imagined! I have been changed by this experience! Removing myself from my comfort zone and placing myself in the unfamiliar allowed for total and complete trust in Him. I understand on a deeper level how to trust in Him. I understand that He is faithful and He will supply what I need when I need it. To step out in faith and have Him meet me and see Him work was the greatest high, EVER!"----Chemi Suard, Homemaker, Santa Rosa, CA

Michael Martin"The most illuminating night was when we had a chance to give our testimonies, then ask if they wanted to know our Lord Jesus Christ, and ask Him to give them life everlasting in Heaven. Then listen to 5 or 6 children, ages 7 to 13, pray and ask the Lord to come into their hearts! To watch their faces as they prayed repeating after the interpreter. I remember shouts of joy from team members, other people watching, and then the mothers of the children who prayed coming forward to know more also! It's a mental image you'll never let go, a sharing of the most important moment of their lives!" ----Michael Martin, Medical Imaging Engineer, Kaiser Permenente, El Dorador Hills, CA

Joanna Golightly"I think the thing that stands out the most for me from this past trip to El Salvador is the sweet fellowship we were able to have with Christian brothers and sisters. It is beautiful to be able to go to a foriegn country with a group of people you barely know and minister effectively, side-by-side. Not only was our team from the States united, but our hearts were also knit with the church in El Salvador. It wasn't because we all have such wonderful self confidence or interpersonal relationship skills, it was because we had something in common...our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 'But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ...' Ephesians 2:13 (I don't think there's enough space here, but I encourage my brothers and sisters to read the rest of Ephesians Chapter 2, it's wonderful!) In His Love, Joanna Golightly" ----Joanna Golightly, Student, Placerville, CA

Dr. Tony Carlile" This is a great trip for Christians in the medical profession (Docs, RNs, Pharmacy workers, virtually anything) to serve God for a short term mission. It is spirtually rewarding, medically exciting, safe, and relatively inexpensive. A great way to give a little back" ----Dr. Tony Carlile, M.D., Kaiser Permanente, Roseville, CA

Lisa Lewis, R.N."This was an awesome trip for me,as God allowed me to work as a nurse in the medical clinics we set up. It was a wonderful feeling to meet the physical needs of people who cannot afford health care. God showed me how He likes to work. We saw a 22 year old girl named Sandra in the clinic one day, she was pretty and friendly, and we ended up giving her some vitamins and iron and she was on her way. Later that night, the evangelism team and the medical team gathered together with people from the community to watch a movie that shared about God's love. The movie was almost over when Sandra came up to me out of nowhere and started talking to me. I asked her if she went to the church we had the clinic at that day, and she said yes. I then asked her if she was a Christian, she sort of looked down, and gave a weak reply of "yes". She then asked me something in Spanish that I didn't understand. It was at that moment that Lance, a missionary in El Salvador came up and asked if I needed some help translating. Because my Spanish is limited I quickly said yes. Lance asked her what she had been trying to tell me, and you know what it was? She wanted to pray and invite Christ into her heart. Wow, I was amazed. God had been preparing her heart, all I had to do was be there. I received God's blessing of watching Sandra ask Jesus to come into her life and forgive her of her sins. And all I had to do was be there. For those of you who think God couldn't use you in another country because you don't speak the language, this is a message to you. Just be available, and He will use you, and He will bless you."----Lisa Lewis, R.N., Sacramento, CA

Kris Morphew"Prior to taking this trip I had been ernestly praying for God to help me to prioritize my life and to help me to set goals and to move my life into alignment with Him. I was struggling to find meaning and connection between my career and my walk with Jesus. I love sharing what Jesus has done in my life. I get exicted about expanding the Kingdom and working alongside those with like mind. This past week [Sept. 22-29, 2001] in El Salvador was the most fantastic experience I have ever had. I am still bouncing off walls. I came home and was so aware of how much God has blessed this country. It became abundantly clear to me that these blessings were never intended to be lavished higher and higher upon ourselves but they are intended to bless us even more as we use them to expand God's Kingdom. We don't need bigger homes, more vacations, emptier lives. We need to find our identity in God's service. I'm not ready to take a vow of poverty but God has used this week to show me where my priorities need to be. I'm back to the basics: knowing Jesus Christ and reaching as many people as possible with the message of his Crucifixion and Resurrection and doing so as quickly and efficiently as possible."----Kris Morphew, Realtor, El Dorado Hills, CA

Diane Klekowski with her son, Adam, who accompanied her"When I think of my trip to El Salvador, I see the faces of the people I met. The women at the Bible Study..young ones w/ babies, older ones that worked or enjoyed being Grandmas. The Pastor's wife who had tupperware in her kitchen..and even sold tupperware! The children at the orphanage..so happy to see us, and us them. The teenagers at the high school..acting like teenagers in high school! The people we would invite to movie nite, so open to talking...relaxed people..not in a hurry to be somewhere. All so open to hear about a God who loved them very much. I thought I was going to minister to them..thru them God ministered to me. " ----Diane Klekowski, Housewife (pictured with her son, Adam, who went to El Salvador on the same mission trip), Citrus Heights, CA

Jon Bloom, Contractor"When God takes you out of your comfort zone, be ready for Him to do amazing things. He'll stretch you, give you a new perspective, and train you to bring Him glory as He works through you. Be open to try new things. You'll be blessed." ----Jon Bloom, Contractor, Sacramento, CA


Ace Sligar"My heart is still in El Salvador. I'll never forget my trip down there." ----Ace Sligar, retired, Elk Grove, CA

Mark Adams, EMT"Tell the interested people to just let it happen. When I got down there I didn't know what would happen. But God changed me. Sometimes people do things for the wrong reasons, like--"Look at me what I'm doing." But if you pray and trust God it will happen and God will use you for His Glory and you will be blessed. So don't try to figure it out or don't try too hard to make it happen--just let it happen by trusting God."----Mark Adams, EMT, Ohio