What we do?

We do the following things:

  • Preach the Gospel in San Felipe in English and in Spanish and do good works and helping ministries in order to express Christian love and display the love of God in action.
  • Feed the poor in coorperation with Mission San Felipe and the Mexican churches of San Felipe.
  • Provide scholarships to Mexican Chrisitian young people as God leads. Minister to orphans, abused and abandoned children. Feed the poor.
  • Sponsor a mission pastor in El Salvador, Central America. Work with Mission Vision China, a ministry that recruits American doctors to do eye surgery in China as an expression of Christian love.
  • Provide a laboratory of training for American church groups that want to do hands on missions in a foreign setting.
  • Teach English as a Second Language to Mexican nationals.
  • Teach Spanish to English speaking people who have become residents of Mexico.
  • Provide a mission destination for local churches that want their congregants to have an international mission experience.

The Method of Outreach

The focus of Marketplace Missions (MPM) is on living the spirit-filled life. Loving each other and caring for our fellowman are stressed in Scripture. MPM emphasizes living the spirit filled life and living a holy and righteous life. The Gospel message is blunted and nullifed when a Christian's way of life is selfish and unrighteous.

The other focus of MPM is on the proclamation of the Gospel. Proclamation and personal sharing are considered by some Christians to be the most difficult piece in the total outreach process because it entails the elements of public speaking and face to face sharing the Gospel. However, it depends on the gifts and calling the Holy Spirit has imparted, doesn't it? Some who enjoy preaching in a plaza are failures when it comes to establishing and nurishing relationships over time. Each part of the outreach process is needed. MPM has been called to focus on proclamation and calling people to the "crisis of decision." We want to see people saved from the penalty of sin and we want to see them grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

If you are interested in being a part of a group that emphasizes the proclamation aspect in the outreach process as well as the doing good works part of the Christian life, you are the person MPM invites to be on one of our teams.  Churches target San Felipe as a place for short-term mission trips. From time to time, short-term mission trips are put together to go to El Salvador and other Central American countries as God leads. Following are descriptions of the types of teams that MPM puts together:

The Medical Team (MT)

Mission of the Medical Team:
To bring short term medical help to people in El Salvador in order to share the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The medical team is made up of various kinds of doctors, various kinds and levels of nurses, pharmacists/techs, optometrists, dentists/dental assistants, EMT’s/nurses aids, and occupational therapists. We take some donated medical supplies and we take money to buy supplies on site. The work areas are not sterile and are make-shift, so the experience is more like field medicine in the armed services than like the state-of-the-art facilities in most U.S. cities. Since the medical personnel are practicing followers of Jesus Christ, they are encouraged to pray with patients and share their faith.

The Evangelism Team (ET)

Mission of the Evangelistic Team:
To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the plazas, in the streets and in the marketplaces of El Salvador, C.A.

The evangelism team usually works in a different location than the medical team. The “ET” is made up of both pastors and laypeople. They spend the mornings distributing Gospel tracts, singing and preaching in the plazas. They spend the evenings outdoors, showing movies with a Christian message. An invitation to receive Christ is given after each movie. Local church members translate and do follow-up work with those who choose to follow Jesus.

The Ministry Team (ET)

The ministry teams engage in various types of good works and teaching ministries. The examples of good things to do to bless the Mexican community and build relations would be to (1) feed the hungry, (2) clothe the unclothed people, (3) build homes or houses of worship for Mexicans, (4) teach the bible through VBS type programs to children, (5) and work with Sonshine Hacienda and the abandoned, abused, or orphaned Mexican children.




  June 2020  
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