Who we are?


We are a Christian Ministry founded in 1995 that does missionary work in Baja California
We currently have the following thrusts to our ministry in San Felipe, Mexacali, Mexico:

  • Our founder and CEO works with the other missionaries in San Felipe as well asthe Mexican churches in the area to help preach the Gospel in Baja.
  • A project that is establishing an orphanage/children's receiving home that alreadyhas land and is in the construction phase of building the facilities.
  • Providing short-term mission opportunities for Christians and church youth groups in San Felipe, Baja California.


In 1992, Rev. Gary Lewis went on a mission trip to El Salvador with Evangelist Leo Humphrey, president of Good News in Action. "I led more people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ in that week," Lewis said, "than my whole church in California had done in the previous two years. I was hooked." Within two years after returning from that first trip, Lewis had made three other trips and, with God's help, convinced his wife Karen to quit their jobs, sell their beautiful house, leave their three grown sons and move to El Salvador. As a legal vehicle and organizational support for his mission work he created Marketplace Missions, Inc., (MPM) a religious non-profit corporation domiciled in California. The original name was New Life Marketplace Ministries, Inc., but on April 18, 2002, the name was changed to Marketplace Missions, Inc.

After living in El Salvador for four years, Gary and Karen Lewis were led to pastor a church in Placerville, California. But this didn't lead to the demise of MPM. To the contrary, the emphasis of the ministry was adjusted to include organizing mission trips for Christians from the United States while continuing to sponsor other missionaries in El Salvador. Marketplace Missions, Inc. also gives scholarships to Christian young people in El Salvador and are a partner in supporting an orphanage.

In the year 2000, MPM gave $46,000 to help build a church building in the town of Apopa, El Salvador. MPM will continue to partner with the Apopa Church in reaching the other areas of Central America.

In the year 2002, Marketplace Missions collected $41,000 to buy a machine to do cataract surgery on the eyes. It will be delivered to an inland, mountain city in China in 2003.

On May 5, 2012, Sonshine Hacienda officially opened and began receiving children. Sonshine Hacienda is owned and operated by Marketplace Missions. It was built over a 6 year period debt free with your gifts, whether work teams, donated goods and equipment, or cash contributions. 



We will be glad to come to your church or civic group and make a presentation about our Children's Receiving Home or other ministries sponsored by Marketplace Missions. We ask that you cover the travel expenses. Contact Bob Lewis, our VP of Financial Development at boblewis.california@gmail.com or call the US telephone number (916) 996-0964.



  June 2020  
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