"Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, and the very ends of the earth as Your possession." Psalm 2:8
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We Embrace Churches,
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"MPM" has been doing Christian work in El Salvador and Mexico for over 2 decades. We have put together many mission trips and now we are in the position of hosting mission trips. Our founders, Gary and Karen Lewis, started their life together as lay persons in the workforce, later were a pastor and pastor's wife, and then God called them to foreign missions. For 2 decades they have served as missionaries to El Salvador and Mexico. The opportunity opened to build a Children's Home. They named it Sonshine Hacienda. That has been accomplished debt free. Thank you for your help if you were one of the churches or individuals that gave your time, expertise, or money to complete this project. Sonshine Hacienda is not supported by the Mexican government agency that licenses orphanages. We totally depend on contributions from you and others whom God touches to support His work in Mexico.

It may seem that Sonshine Hacienda is MPM's only project. That is not true. Missionary Gary is also Pastor Gary. He is pastor of an English speaking church in San Felipe called Mission San Felipe. It has over 200 adherents from the English speaking ex-patriots in San Felipe and many Mexicans who speak English. Mission San Felipe also has a Spanish speaking service with a Mexican associate pastor and Pastor Gary leading the worship.

Gary is also a registered Mexican clergyman and a member of the local Mexican ministerial alliance. In this capacity, Gary heads a weekly program to feed the poor of San Felipe. The English speaking church provides the food with the help of a generous Mexican grocer. The food is distributed by the local Mexican congregations of the Ministerial Alliance. They get the opportunity to minister to the poor since they know who they are and are trusted by them. It builds goodwill between the American, Canadian, and Mexican population as well.

MPM also works with the other missionaries in San Felipe. The Heinrich family are missionaries from Canada. John and Bonnie Gilbert run 99 Plus 1 Ministries, and do fabulous work. Many projects happen with the synergy produced from these and other missionaries. Youth groups, men's groups, and mixed groups that visit from the states and Canada do VBS programs, street evangelism, puppet theatres, and building projects for churches and the poor, to list a few of the more popular ministry activities. Street evangelism and neighborhood bible clubs for children are also effective. Often, Sonshine Hacienda has projects that visiting teams help accomplish.

MPM still has affiliations in El Salvador and Maucau, China, which give us conduits to do ministry in those areas as well. We stay mean and lean so that our overhead stays at 5%, most of our money going to our ministry activities and projects.

Don't hesitate to call or email us with your questions, requests for information, or requests for help in putting together a church mission trip to San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico. We also ask to consider partnering with us through monetary contributions.

By the way, don't let the headlines in the US media scare you away. We know our neighborhood, and things are peaceful in San Felipe.

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Short Term Mission Trips

Building a Safe Place for Children
and Sharing the love of Christ in the Desert!

You can be involved!

We are focusing on San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico at the current time. Work through us: Marketplace Missions, Inc. (MPM)!

Come help build, evangelize, teach, or feed. Medical mission trips can be arranged.

Only 15 weeks per year are set aside for teams to work at Sonshine Hacienda. This is because of the schedule of the children and the extra stress that hosting teams put on our limited staff. Tours of Sonshine Hacienda need to be arranged by appointment. Contact Sonshine@marketplacemissions.com in order to make arrangements for your church or college group. 



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